Saturday, March 27, 2010

The 90-Day Vortex Experience - Days 82

It was a glorious day of Yoga, packing for my trip to Palm Springs and then travel.

Travel was a tad frustrating because of major mechanical delays, but I got to spend it with wonderful people as we passed the time.  There was also a slew of children playing games that entertained us a lot as we waited in the empty airport after midnight.  What an interesting new experience.

I am glad I had my arsenal of Mala beads, books and inspirational materials to remind me to stay in my Vortex.  This kept me calm and centered and happy.  What a change from a few years ago.  I would have been angry and livid at the circumstances AND I would have forced the airline to accommodate and compensate me somehow.

I got that anyway.  I got a voucher for some food, I will get some travel vouchers from the airline for future travel AND they will reimburse me for my cab ride to the home I am staying.

My partner pointed out that maybe it was an exercise in patience because there were no other flights for several days.  I either had to wait for the plane to arrive, or forego the trip altogether.  That was, obviously, unacceptable.

So, now I am in Palm Springs visiting old friends, family and getting a much needed break from my routines and "life" in San Francisco.  I really need the break and I have a lot of questions to ask of the desert and of my SELF.

All is delightfully well!  Gratefully I accept this and embrace it.  And so it is...

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