Friday, March 12, 2010

The 90-Day Vortex Experience - Days 67

Wow, synchronicity and peace keep coming to me more easily and effortlessly.  It is a delicious experience and I love how and what I am feeling.  It seems the more I focus on me and my Vortex, the better things are turning out, but more importantly, the BETTER I FEEL.  This is the whole point of this 90-Day experience.

How am I doing this.  Well, I will tell again what I am doing on a daily basis to turn my attention to what I want and away from what I don't:

  1. I pray and meditate everyday.  Usually several times a day.
  2. I work with my wrist Mala beads and think of things to be grateful for with every relationship I want to improve.
  3. I read the following every day after my prayers:
  4. I write in my journal about what I am experiencing and what I am finding out about my SELF.
  5. I am sharing about my insights and experiences with my Spiritualist Pastor and another trusted advisor.
  6. I notice, celebrate and document the synchronicities that are happening in my life daily.
  7. I look for more miracles and for avenues of relief from my "human" mind (ego).
  8. I read daily from the book, "The Vortex".
  9. I listen to chants and spiritual music exclusively.
  10. I support myself in ways that work for me.  I go to 12-step meetings, therapy, classes, etc.
  11. I express my truth in the moment with love and compassion.
  12. I live in a space of gratitude.
That, in a nutshell, is my prescription for success in this Vortex Experience.  Things are working out and not necessarily in the ways I think they would or SHOULD have.  Interesting how that works when I surrender...

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