Friday, May 7, 2010

Life inside "The Vortex"

I am amazed at how easy this is becoming!  It seems the more I authentically express myself, my needs, my desires AND my boundaries with compassion, the more wonderful things are turning out for me.  It really is amazing to my "human" mind anyway.  When I connect with Source, I feel this is just the way to be...

I have been on quite a journey since beginning "The 90-Day Vortex Experience".  My life has taken a complete turn and I am now heading in a direction that feels good AND evidence is showing up that I am on the right track.

How do I KNOW that so profoundly?  Because I feel the peace in my heart and in my body.  It is palpable and real.  It has become my "test" as it were when deciding what to do.  I consider what is bringing me peace and tranquility.  That is the steps I take and continue to take.

I am so excited because I feel alive for the first time ever.  Yes, I said ever.  I have spent so many years doing and being what others wanted of me.  Out of The 90-Day Vortex Experience I realized that and turned it around.

So now, the places where I encounter resistance I back off from because that is not contributing to my peace and tranquility.  It is that easy.

I am embarking on an amazing adventure this summer and I can't wait to share it.

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