Thursday, May 30, 2013

AIDS/Lifecycle 12 - An Unforgettable Journey

Still More Pre-Ride Thoughts...

I can't believe that in less than 24 hours I will begin my journey to San Francisco to begin this long anticipated and well prepared for journey. I am at a point now where all the business of getting ready is complete. ALL preparations whether they be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and of course the mundane chores of packing and logistics.
  • My bike has been dropped off for shipping to the Bay Area.  
  • My bags are organized and packed.
  • I dropped off the big bag with a friend driving up so I don't have to schlepp it from the airport to my Hotel.
  • Boarding pass printed.

I am now in a place of hurry up and wait! That is all I have left to do besides getting to the airport tomorrow.  Wow! All this time of training and preparation it feels so anti-climactic.

I had a really interesting realization yesterday on my drive to and from San Diego to drop off my bike.  I put the same amount of miles (240) that I rode on my bike in my last week of training.  Geez, that was a lot of miles. It hit me on the way back up to Palm Springs and warped my mind when I pondered that distance. Wow!  It put it into perspective since it took me four hours to drive it by car.  We'll travel that much in the first three days of the ride alone...

Now, I have to spend time with my honey, be present for the journey and relax.  There is nothing left but enjoy the journey!

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  1. Stephen, Happy Trails to you!!! Have a great journey!!! Will be with you in spirit! Karen