Monday, June 10, 2013

AIDS/Lifecycle 12 - An Unforgettable Journey - Day 5 - aka Red Dress Day

I peddled 43 miles and climbed 2,245 vertical feet.

Here are some interesting statistics concerning AIDS/Lifecycle 2013:

Oldest Participant:                            82
Youngest Participant:                       18
Number of States Represented:        44, including Washington, D.C.
Number of Countries Represented:  18
Average of Calories Burned Daily:  3,410
Eggs Consumed:                              44,600
Pounds of Pasta:                               18,800
Portable Toilets:                                1,100
Packets of "Butt Balm":                    18,000

I thought today would be an easy day considering the mileage was listed at 42. The dirty little secret about today was that we had two long, steep climbs, two short, steep climbs and one long gradual climb.  And I thought I'd get a break today...Ha!

The good news was that most of the day was peppered with outstanding coastal views from the hills just east of the coast.  Simply breathtaking!

Today is the infamous Red Dress Day aka Dress in Red Day as it was originally dubbed!  I say they called it the Dress in Red Day because it was 42 miles of hellacious hills and climbing!  LOL

Besides the challenging route, this was a day for fun and relative relaxation.  I got a VERY late start and got caught in cyclists traffic getting out of town.  It took me over an hour to proceed 3 miles past camp.  Kinda like a cyclist rush hour.  No fun as you have to keep clipping and unclipping as you inch forward slowly.

After getting out of town and on the route it was all about the amazing costumes and creativity that people put into their outfits.  I took no less than 200 pictures today.  Yes, I took that many!  I've only posted a smattering of them here below.

The best part of the day is that my honey, Rey, showed up today to meet me at the finish line!  He was all dolled up in red in the spirit of the day with bubble gun in hand and blowing a whistle.  I about fell off my bike when I saw him and boy was I glad to see him!

Not only did I get to spend the rest of the ride with Rey, but we spent the last two nights in hotels.  This type of accommodation on the AIDS/Lifecycle is better known as "Princess-ing it." It was great to use a real shower, toilet and sleep in a cozy soft bed and snuggle with my honey.  I woke up more refreshed with less sleep than the previous four nights.  Go figure...

Like before, the rest of this post will be pictorial.  Especially here, a picture's worth a thousand words...

Tent City turning red...

You know who...

CEO Lorrie Jean and Rey Rey

What a bod!

Aren't they CUTE!

Sexy, SEXY boy doing naughty things with Rey Rey

Another sexy beast

I wanted to kiss this cook!

Cutie patootie

Awesome duo!

More sexy beasts

Yet, another cutie patootie

Miss Thang

Sexy Firemen...err, well sort of firemen...

What a bod, huh?

Even Rey Rey had on his red today!

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