Friday, July 30, 2010

Life inside "The Vortex"

I haven't blogged for several weeks so I thought it about time I share from "Inside the Vortex".  A lot of delicious things have occurred and I am in such a state of gratitude and awe that it isn't even funny and I need to share it.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered something missing that was valuable to me and had intended to sell to raise funds for purchasing a car.  That was the next thing on my "hit list" of things to manifest.  One needs a car living in this town to get around more efficiently AND the heat during the summer can be debilitating and it is NOT FUN to walk in it.  I'm talking 115 degrees people.  That's HOT!

So, this item is gone.  Nothing I can do about it.  So, as I've learned from "The Vortex" I need to keep looking in the direction of my desires and not look at what has gone before or experiences that I don't want.  This was simply another opportunity for me to focus.  So I did that and I let go of the anger and upset as I needed and kept moving forward.

Last Friday I went to sell other things of similar value, and well, long story short, I got over double what I was expecting.  Wow!  Cold hard cash.  How yummy!  I spent the drive going home in gratitude and awe with occasional bouts of tears of gratitude.  This stuff REALLY works!

The more I see these concepts show up in my life the more at peace and tranquil I become.  This is so delicious and a wonderful new feeling.  So now I use this peace and tranquility factor as my measurement of whether or not I am in my Vortex.  It has guided me perfectly EVERY time.  No kidding!

Anyway, back to the story, I get home and immediately hit Craigslist looking for a suitable car.  I enter the search word "convertible" and what shows up but a 1998 Mustang Convertible at a price I can afford.  Wow!  I call the number and the contact and I hit it off like old friends and she tells me she will not answer any of the calls she was receiving until I see the car.  How generous of her!

Wait, it gets better!

The car is in amazing condition, low miles for its age and it is my favorite auto color, white with a tan convertible top.  Should I be surprised?  It is simply the Law of Attraction working as I stay in my Vortex.  Wow!

Now I do need to also point out that this make and model car is one I have desired since I was 15 years old.  IT WAS THE FIRST CAR I EVER WANTED AND DESIRED!  How interesting and delicious!

So, I ask again, should I be surprised?  Well, my humanity is still elated and excited about this.  My non-physical self just says, "see!"...

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